Epoxy Walls

Epoxy Walls ​ Say goodbye to cleaning grout lines and boring single piece shower walls. Epoxy walls are low maintenance and a beautiful way to give your bathroom the wow factor. Completely seamless and water proof, you will not have to worry about any water damage and cleaning will be easier than ever. ​ This product is also ideal for tub surrounds, backsplashes, kitchen & bathroom walls, hallways, or decorative residential walls. No need for demolition; leave existing walls, tile, brick in place and coat over with Epoxy. ​ Bespoke - Match your home's interior with many different colour combinations. Create any natural or unnatural stone pattern. ​ Durable - Our seamless epoxy makes your shower walls completely water and bacteria resistant. Five times stronger than concrete, and shock resistant, meaning you can drop something heavy on the surface and it will not break. 

What we can Refinish ​ 

  • Formica 
  • Laminate 
  • Concrete
  • Granite 
  • Marble 
  • Ceramic 
  • Porcelain
  •  Tile 
  • Butcher Block 
  • Reclaimed Wood 
  • Plywood or MDF/MDX 
  • Virtually any other surface!