Make your home stand out from the crowd with a unique floor, wall or worktop finish.

Creative epoxy resin products have a variety of uses within a domestic setting. They can be used on floors, work surfaces ,walls and ceilings. They deliver a beautiful aesthetic & seamless finish. Popular areas consist of kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, garages, living spaces and more. Typical effects can consist of: Multi-coloured: our large range of pigments provides endless possibilities for flooring colours from the simplistic to the more adventurous. One colour: With a wide range of RAL colours to choose from you can have any seamless floor colour of your choice. Glitters: to add a little sparkle to your resin floor glitters can be incorporated into the finish. Most popular colours are gold & silver however other colours are available. Flakes: Solid flake systems can be installed at a quicker rate and deliver a stunning flake resin floor effect. (ideal want a small slideshow with pictures giving examples of floors changing constantly). All our resin products are manufactured to the highest quality within the UK and our products are superior to general flooring materials such as tiles, wood, laminates & carpets offering the following advantages: We can create beautiful bespoke seamless finishes. We have the compatibility to install on a variety of surfaces; concrete, tiles, ply-board & work surfaces Easy to clean, scratch & abrasive resistant We can provide a customised personnel finish with the ability to create any desired pattern & add specific business logos & 3D themes. Suitability to be used with underfloor heating. Installation within a wet room due to its non-permeable curing properties is ideal.

It is our firm belief that a residential installation requires keen attention to detail to ensure that the project is undertaken in a fast and efficient manner with minimal disruption. Before any installation, it would be our intention to ensure a high standard of project management. We guarantee that clear communication is ascertained with all parties which, in our belief, secures a smooth and effortless installation process. ? During a typical residential resin floor installation we adopt a very strict quality control regime. Our directors vigorously inspect every step of the installation ensuring that each project receives the very highest standard of workmanship at all times. We are proud of the precision and attention to detail that we have built up over the years and warrant that every project is perfect upon completion.